WWSD? The Only Question You Ever Need To Ask


What Would She Do?

That’s right – What Would She Do? When the idea of stepping out boldly and Being Her Now is making you anxious, nervous, scared? Making you hesitate?

That’s the only question you need to ask.

Nothing (and I mean nothing) will get you in touch with Her, your badass Inner Wonder Woman self, faster.

This is a good thing.

When you ask WWSD?, you step outside yourself in the moment, away from panic, away from any emotional chaos and confusion you feel when you slam up against the walls of programming and old habits. It can also help with tough decisions.

When you ask yourself “WWSD?” you look at yourself and the situation through Her eyes. And when that happens?

You become your own BFF.

Our BFF isn’t hard on us the way we’re hard on ourselves. She loves us and will talk us out of stupid choices. She loves us when we make stupid choices anyway. She does not care what will please or upset the people around us when that does not matter or when it will cause us harm..

When we ask ourselves “WWSD?” we invoke Her and look after ourselves a little better.

Try it for yourself and see!

I wrote WWSD on my hand every day for a solid year, using a black Sharpie.

(The other hand said “BHN”)

It kept Her at the forefront of my consciousness. I highly recommend you do this.

But use a non-toxic marker. ~LEP~