You Want to BE HER NOW.

Personal coaching can make that happen.

But Lynn! Everyone is a coach these days!
Why should I work with YOU?

Coach Lynn Paulson PhD

Here’s why –

BecauseI have been mentoring women of all stripes and ages to BE HER NOW, to get where they want to go and to be more effective in, and satisfied with, their lives for over 30 years.

BecauseHow you communicate and present yourself in the world are key to BEING HER NOW. This is the foundation of all my training and education and central to my coaching.

BecauseI coach YOU. I help you discover what BE HER NOW means for you, and develop personal strategies for bringing all HER game to the table, whatever your goals.

Because“Fast and furious” is my method and after a minimum of sessions, you won’t need me to coach you. You’ll have HER.

Lynn has a special knack for focusing in on the issue like a laser, and empowering you to take the steps needed to change your life after just one session.
L.D.M., Self-Employed Accountant

Are you ready to BE HER NOW?

Areas of Coaching

Public Speaking:

I have always struggled with public speaking to the point of nausea and that was the first area we worked on. Now, I am confident and enjoy it.  read more
C.M., CEO, Non-Profit Organization.

So you’ve been tapped to make a speech or presentation or maybe a celebratory toast, and, shit-oh-dear, just thinking about it makes you light-headed. But guess what? Your fear can work for you! Yes, really!

I know this because I have decades of experience teaching people how to get their fear of public speaking in hand, helping them create terrific content and guiding them through preparation for The Big Moment.


Lynn’s own experience with writing for publication has been invaluable to me both in terms of her fine editorial eye and in her understanding of the “long-haul” nature of such projects. Her acquaintance with the publishing industry is helping me now to negotiate the challenges of manuscript submission  read more
M.E., Professor, Author of Oil and Water.

Whether you are a professional writer and have hit a wall on a project or you’re a terrified amateur, writing is a challenging endeavor. I am a published author and have years of experience teaching basic and advanced writing at the college level. I have coached professional writers through blocks and helped countless others with writing projects ranging from cover letters and resumes to informational brochures and scholarly articles.