Who am I?

My name is Lynn Paulson. I have Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Communication (specializing in Interpersonal Communication). Before becoming a life coach, I spent almost 25 years as a college professor at two different institutions, teaching communication, women’s studies, cultural studies and writing. During that time, I mentored and advised thousands of students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, ranging in age from 16 to 60. My work in the classroom has earned me university-wide recognition from students and my peers at both institutions where I served.

I loved everything about that career except that too many of the amazing and powerful women showing up in my classrooms and my office did not see themselves that way. Or sometimes they did, but they weren’t putting Her out into the world. Lots of other, fabulous women I knew weren’t Being Her Now out there either. Sometimes they were afraid. Sometimes they just didn’t know how. So in 2010, I left the classroom to become a life coach, dedicated to helping women Be Her.