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Lynn Paulson bypasses any roadblocks of your past and heads straight to the source of your power, fostering your ability to make positive changes in your life today. If you want to go at the pace of two sessions in one and live the life you’ve imagined sooner than later, Lynn’s high-energy strategies are for you.

Do you remember that feeling of launching off a firecracker and watching the night sky suddenly burst with color? That’s similar to the feeling Lynn’s talks and coaching give – and continue to give – long afterwards. She truly inspires many life-expanding results. Much of her success I attribute to her refreshingly honest, humorous and upbeat style, her deep intuition and intelligence, and her understanding of people honed from years as a college professor. But there’s this mysterious element, this unique essence of Lynn that can’t be fully described, only experienced as something nearly magical. You’ll see!


Massage Therapist, Artist, Writer

I have had the privilege of knowing Lynn for over 25 years!  I have known her as my college professor and now my Life Coach.  When I was struggling and feeling stuck professionally and I saw she was a Life Coach, I knew she was the person who could help me. And, I was right!  Lynn is compassionate in how she guides you to see your strengths but she holds you accountable.  She listens so intently that I am often happily surprised when she points out how hard I am being on myself.   Sessions with Lynn are productive and I learn so much each time.  I have always struggled with public speaking to the point of nausea and that was the first area that we worked on.  Now, I am confident and enjoy it.  She helped me shut down my negative self-thoughts and replace them with realistic expectations of myself.  I would highly recommend her!


CPO, Non-Profit Organization

My time with Coach Lynn Paulson has helped me overcome a roadblock in my personal life that had me feeling stalled for months. In just one session, Lynn helped me see that my problem was my fear and that I could take concrete steps to improve things little by little. Lynn’s coaching taught me to recognize the benefits of my personal approach to problem solving. Once I recognized this, my fear of taking actions to help myself quickly faded. I credit Lynn’s straightforward coaching with getting me on my way. She listens with the ear of a pro and the heart of a friend. I recommend her to anyone seeking fresh insight.


Professor, Writer

Working with Lynn has been absolutely fantastic. Lynn’s coaching is direct and straight to the point all the while making you feel as if you got to the answer all on your own. She is all that a powerful women in business should be. The work we have done together has improved my communication and leadership skills as well has increased my overall self-presentation. With her coaching I have made drastic improvements in both my work and personal life.


Event Coordinator, non-profit organization

Lynn has been a fearless advocate for my success in all things.  Although our work together has focused on my completion of a writing project and on my parenting challenges, Lynn has helped me to examine more generally issues of work, relationship, and creativity.  Throughout, she has proven a trusted coach, cheerleader, and teammate.

Lynn’s own experience with writing for publication has been invaluable to me both in terms of her fine editorial eye (and ear) and in her understanding of the “long-haul” nature of such projects.  Her acquaintance with the publishing industry is helping me now to negotiate the challenges of manuscript submission –a daunting process requiring much moral support, which Lynn readily supplies. 

With respect to parenting, I have valued Lynn’s insights into the dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship.  She helps me to see aspects of it that sometimes elude me and is steadfastly supportive of my efforts while reminding me of my child’s innate integrity. 

Lynn has provided unflagging confidence in my ability when I myself have had cause to question it.  I’m deeply grateful for her belief in me.  Most of all, perhaps, I love how she insists, always, that each and every one of us is divine.


Professor, Mom, Author of ‘Oil and Water’

Through personal coaching with Lynn, I am finding my heart again. Lynn’s coaching directed my attention to the emptiness that springs from a vague notion that dreams from childhood have become diluted under the influence of the material, adult world. By defining my ideal self I have been inspired to become what I had been trying to find in another. Lynn’s coaching is about finding a map to that ideal self and learning to walk the path with grace and artistry. It is about polishing your way of being into a masterpiece and opening your heart to fill the inner emptiness and pursue the dream.


Therapist, Teacher, Artist

With Her irreverent humor, thoughtful observations, and questions that resonate long after you leave, Lynn Paulson is the love child of Amy Schumer and Oprah Winfrey. Energetic and inspired, Lynn invites you to join the Howler Monkey party and embrace your true self – whomever She is – with no apologies.


Graphic Artist

Lynn has a special knack for focusing in on the issue like a laser, and empowering you to take the steps needed to change your life after just one session.


Self-Employed Accountant

When I first read Be Her Now, I felt some sadness that I hadn’t had this book all 69 years of my life. I sure could have used it. Then I realized I am blessed to have it for the rest of my life. I’m sure I am going to need it. One is never wise enough nor free enough of doubt to not need this book.


Professional Development

Don’t believe anything she says about us.

Lynn's Family

I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few of Lynn Paulson’s performances and workshops
and I’ve always found her to be confident, candid, funny and inspiring. Paulson’s mix of humor and wisdom is a welcome change from the often overly pedantic and serious self-help genre. She’s a stand-out.