Do self-doubt, shame, fear, excessive worry about what other people will think, need, feel or how they will react ever compel you to keep HER, the full-bodied expression of who you are and what you think, need or feel hidden from view?

Do you ever shut HER down, keep HER small, hold HER back and even beat the shit out of HER because you wish you were different than you are? Or because other people wish you were different than you are?

Is that a yes? Welcome to the Female Condition, Bitches!

You need to read BE HER NOW.

BE HER NOW is not a program for self-improvement. BE HER NOW assumes programming is the problem.

BE HER NOW doesn’t mean “be authentic.” BE HER NOW means “be yourself.”

BE HER NOW means there’s nothing about you that’s “wrong” or needs “fixing.”

BE HER NOW contains no checklists, no affirmations, no exercises, no timelines and no fucking unicorns.

(Death to Unicorns.)Yeah, I said it.

BE HER NOW means step out into the world just exactly as you are and blossom from there, just exactly as you are intended to.

BE HER NOW is the point of the exercise. BE HER NOW is your cosmic job description.

BE HER NOW means don’t f**k it up by trying to be someone else.

When I first read BE HER NOW, I felt some sadness that I hadn’t had this book all 69 years of my life. I sure could have used it. Then I realized I am blessed to have it for the rest of my life. I’m sure I am going to need it. One is never wise enough nor free enough of doubt to not need this book.
L.D., Professional Development

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